last updated 2 years ago


Q: How does the app determine whether there’s a line at Berghain?
A: The app (and this website) is crowd-sourced and 100% based on voting from within the app. This means that it depends on people a) voting often and b) voting honestly (actually being there, not lying, etc). Therefore we can never guarantee the complete accuracy of the line status. The app is just for fun!

Q: I’ve voted but the status hasn’t changed - what gives?
A: The status is based on an algorithm that updates itself only when a certain amount of people have voted YES or NO within a pre-determined time frame. But rest assured that your vote counts!

Q: I’ve subscribed to push notifications but I’m not getting any!
A: Make sure you have enabled push notifications for this app in your phone’s Settings panel.

Q: I’m constantly getting push notifications! Make it stop!
A: That’s easy - just open the app and tap on “unsubscribe from push notifications”. You can subscribe again any time you like.

Q: Are you making any money from this app?
A: Nope. It’s all for a bit of fun!

Q: I have some more questions / suggestions…
A: Contact us!